About Us

Ayawtech Automation Inc, a Winnipeg based automation company, with a diverse portfolio of commercial, institutional, and industrial clients.

With a results-driven culture, we are committed to delivering outstanding customer service. Ayawtech’s specialists understand your business and can meet all of your mechanical building technology and security system needs. Our versatility enables us to adapt our solutions to a variety of mechanical applications in diverse industries and business environments.

Our Values


Commitment is at the heart of everything we do. Our concern for others is reflected in our commitment to giving our employees a stimulating, heathy and safe workplace. We are deeply committed to the environment and to maintaining meaningful relationship with the people and communities we engage with.


We keep our word and value trust above all else. Our integrity has allowed us to stand the test of time and to build mutually beneficial relationships with our employees, our business partners and the community.


We value and nurture an entrepreneurial spirit within our organization. As we continue to grow our Company and diversify our operations. We maintain a long-term outlook and keep our minds open to new ideas and innovation. Our employees exemplify this through their commitment to excellence.

Family Spirit

Our organization is like family, and our family means the world to us. We foster a sense of belonging by encouraging teamwork and supporting employee initiatives that contribute to our collective success. We also recognize the value and contribution of each individual within our organization.

Customer Focus

Trust is the cornerstone of every business relationship, which is why we focus on earning our customers’ trust by providing exceptional service, ensuring consistent product quality and making it easy to do business with us. Our goal is to generate value for each customer by creating solutions that improve their business for the long term.

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